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in the embrace of a lioness

Such a pleasure to wake in the embrace of a lioness,

her strong legs encased me,

her supple, loving arms covered me,

her head lay on my chest,

I, on my back, mind in the clouds,

held safely in the cocoon of her body

as I traveled through space and time.

sweet, sweet bliss

O sweet, sweet bliss,

how can I know you but through love?

The sweeter version of this moment here

would arise were she by my side,

but alas she is not, but waste not

a moment in regret,

for sweet, sweet bliss is mine,

this fine afternoon.

Of all the flowers I have seen

Of all the flowers I have seen
there’s one blue flower that takes me deep
its hard to say why or when
this petal’s scent stole my ken.

As I walk in Nature’s glen,
she comes to me in all I see:
when a ray of sun shines through the leaves
its her bright hopes blasting to be.

Though care is worn on my face,
my eyes are kind and my heart can smile,
a child I become in her comforting light
treading trails of remembrance through happier days.

But my wits I keep and it makes me think
how this blue flower can bloom so bright?
Isn’t it pain that prunes, through loneliness in love
always preceding the arrival of a touch of grace?

What sweet suffering has she had
to give her soft petals such a shade of blue?
If I look in clear, in her eyes I’ll see a clue
but its answer is not what I want,
its the passing of her sorrow
that’ll have me glad.